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Thank you to Comedy Theatrical Soraya & Keep Stilt Walking Group

Fusing the Art of Stilt Walking, Theater, Improv, Music, Singing, Dancing, & Entertainment! From Cocktail Hour to Hora Loca! Keep Stilt Walking is the Premier, Professional, Event Company in South Florida. Soraya’s journey began in Paris, France. She acquired over 15 years experience in theater and over 10 years experience in stilt walking. Originally from Paris, she worked with international companies throughout Europe, Algeria, Morocco, Senegal, and as far as Qatar, Argentina, and Japan. Now Soraya is based in Miami, Florida and has created her own professional entertainment company, which combines her passion for theater and the art of stilt walking. At the 5th edition of Le Diner En Blanc West Palm Beach, Keep Stilt Walking presented a comedy drama performance featuring the Queen of France and the Royal sharing an authentic Versailles moment filled with laughter, talented violinist, opera singer and a ballet dancer all incorporated in the skit. Making this night nothing short of magical Parisian night.

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